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We just love Cotton Candy!

Before I had a passion for Cotton Candy, I had a passion for kindness. If there’s anything on this Earth that I love more than Cotton Candy it’s lifting people up and putting a smile on someone’s face. I figured out that even the smallest taste of cotton candy and the feeling of sugar on my lips was quick to bring me a smile. 


During a tough time in my life I had to focus on what brought me joy and to me it was pastel colors, a nice breeze on a summer day, and carnivals. And so my mission to bring out smiles by spinning  Cotton Candy began.


It's what's on the inside that counts

Sugar Lips Cotton Candy began at home with my best friend and husband Roger. He knows how to get my thoughts on paper and make it all a reality. My two year old son, Oliver, keeps me encouraged to never give up on my dreams and is a reminder everyday of the happiness I want people to feel when they eat our Cotton Candy. I’m reminded when I see Cotton Candy skies of my dreams of being a successful business owner and the importance of spreading smiles through Cotton Candy.

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