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Cotton Candy
For a Cause

Partner with us for your group's next fundraiser! You do the sales, we make the cotton candy!

Then your group will receive 15% of the sales made for the entire fundraiser!


Teaches Self-Determination

Fundraisers help your group members see that what they're doing is for good cause. Your group members will be responsible for all sales made, which teaches determination, goal-setting, marketing, and more!

Dollar Bill in Jar

Reach that goal!

Our fundraiser programs are designed to get your group members involved in the planning, advertising, and conducting processes. This helps them push for that fundraiser goal that your group has. All groups receive 15% of the sales from the entire fundraiser!

Man Trying App

Advocacy and Exposure

Your fundraiser is always published on our social media sites, (if you're okay with it) giving your group a great exposure to the community, and hoping for more orders on your behalf!

If you'd like to get your group involved, please leave your information below and we will reach out to you!

How we give back:

No matter the type of fundraiser, Sugar Lips donates 15% back to the hosting organization!


Carnivals and Events

Have us out during your School or Organization's Carnival! Whether it's for a corporate event, or an appreciation party, we'll bring the world's best snacks!

Concessions and Snacks

Let us handle the snacks! We'll come and set up our booth to serve your guests the snacks they love!

(Add many concession snacks like candy, drinks, and popcorn!)

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