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The time has come...

You've pick out the rings, you've chosen the colors, your guests are invited, and the DJ is booked. So now what? What more do you need? Cotton Candy.

Cotton candy has brought joy to people for over 100 years. It's the perfect snack for any occasion. What Sugar Lips Cotton Candy offers at weddings is special; we provide your guests with a classic, timeless treat that each person will love.

Check out our wedding packages and offers below! Each package is customizable, so just submit a quote and we will work together to create a package that is perfect for you and your spouse on your wedding day. All products and services are listed below, so if you want some items to be added on, or taken off, submit a quote and we will go from there!

Best Day Ever

This package includes everything you need for your day. We spin live before your ceremony and during the cocktail hour. Every guest will get a glitter bomb for the toasting ceremony, and every guest will go home with a special favor tub of their favorite gourmet cotton candy with Customizable Labels too! Glitter Bombs will also be provided to you and your bridal parties to enjoy while getting ready before the Ceremony. You and your new honey will have the chance to spin a cone of cotton candy together as well in the Best Day Ever Package

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True Love's First Spin

This package offers your guests a fresh cone of cotton candy while they wait for the ceremony to begin, as well as during your cocktail hours. There is nothing like the sweet, classic taste and smell of fresh, hand-spun cotton candy, and your guests are sure to love and remember this special addition to your wedding for years to come. The Sugar Lips team will come out to your wedding venue, set up their spinning equipment (one small table), and serve unlimited cones of cotton candy to your guests. Add-on a personal spinning session for you and your other half to spin a cone together, in holy matrimony; a GREAT photo op!

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Bubbles and Suds

This is the perfect package if you're looking for a unique experience for your guests. Included in the Bubbles and Suds is a glitter bomb for every guest to enjoy during the toasting ceremony. Pre-Ceremony Glitter Bombs are also included in the Bubble and Suds package for you and your bridal parties to enjoy while getting ready.

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The After Party

Included in the "After Party" package is everything your guests need to remember your big day, and for you to say "thank you". Your wedding day is special, so make it known that you appreciate you guests for sharing your special day with them. Each guest will go home with a customized tub of cotton candy with a personalized label with your information on it. Each tub will be packaged in perfect take-home containers for them to enjoy for weeks after the wedding.

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While you're getting ready with your bridal party, enjoy some glitter bombs with your drinks






We will set up our cotton candy booth at the entrance of your ceremony location and hand out unlimited cones to each of your guests while they wait for the big moment






While your guests are waiting for you and your bridal party to return to the reception from the photo shoot, give them each the chance to snack on unlimited cones of cotton candy. (Add this to a Ceremony spin for only $75.)






Have the chance to spin a "Unity Cone". You and your new honey will pour two different flavors and spin it together, creating the ultimate unity cone of sugar, symbolizing your new marriage.






During your toast ceremony, hand out a glitter bomb to each of your guests as a way to add a little more magic to the evening. As they drop their glitter bomb into their toast drink (usually champagne), the cotton Andy dissolves, adds color, flavor, and glimmer to everyone's drink! It's awe-inspiring and unforgettable. (Order 100 or more and get a discount)





Appreciate your guests with special wedding favor tubs of cotton candy to take home with them. Add a customizable label to them to create the sweetest wedding favor ever! (Up-charge for customizable labels)



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